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Covid 19 make adjustments

                                Covid 19 make adjustments

Dear guests!
The staff of Ukraine Hotel are on a daily basis, always in touch, and keep track of changes that occur when booking hotel services due to the Covid 19 distribution.
We respond promptly to all your questions and provide information.
For questions regarding the planned accommodation, change of the reservation, please contact the reservation department and the websites of the companies from which the hotel was booked in advance.
You can rest assured and safe it is safe with us, we adhere to all sanitary and hygiene standards, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
We do our best to keep our guests safe. Your safety is our top priority.

You are always welcome!

For more information please call: +380 44 590 44 00, we also expect your requests for our e-mail: reservation@ukraine-hotel.kiev.ua