Kiev - one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe with its distinctive and interesting history.  Many of the sights of Kiev bear the greatness of the culture of the Ukrainian people.  This is an unusual city for recreation and interesting events in life that inspires and pleases everyone's eyes.

St. Sofia's Cathedral

The Christian cathedral in the center of Kyiv. It is a monument of Ukrainian architecture and monumental painting of the XI-XVIII centuries, one of the few surviving buildings of the times of Kyivska Rus. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Ukraine.

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral is one of the oldest monasteries in Kiev. It is assumed that St. Michael's Cathedral was the first temple with a gilded top, from where such a kind of tradition followed. But the greatest glory was brought by his frescoes and mosaics, which were considered the greatest works of painting.

Hreshchatyk Street

An integral symbol of any city is usually considered its main street or square. In Kiev it’s Hreshchatyk Street, near which is the hotel Ukraine. On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, traffic is blocked by the street - the street become pedestrian, fairs and open air concerts are held, you can visit cafes, restaurants, which are very large. An interesting fact: Khreshchatyk Street is considered to be the shortest central street in Europe, its length is only 1225 meters.

Golden Gate

This is not just a gate, it's a tower, which, since the 12th century has protected the capital from hostile attacks. Kiev Golden Gate was both a driving tower and a triumphal arch. The architectural style of the gate is not at all similar to the similar buildings that were erected by European architects. The institution is unusual in that the museum workers is performed by electronic guides.

The parks of Kiev

Kyiv is the green capital of Europe. Turning to the right from the hotel Ukraine and passing along the street Khreshchatyk you will reach the enchanting parkway on the right bank of the river Dnepr. Choose the park that will become your favorite place to walk, read a book or just spend time with friends and relatives.

Andriyvskiy uzviz (descent)

Andrew's descent can boast a rich and interesting story, which was lurking at every turn, in every stone. Andrew's Descent to date is a true open-air museum. Each year there are artistic exhibitions, holidays arts. Walking along the street you will see the famous St. Andrew's Church, the Lion's Castle, museums, theaters, galleries etc.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

For centuries the monastery has increased its significance as a religious center, and is the equivalent of Orthodox Christianity in Rome or Jerusalem. The architectural ensemble reached its end within the 18th century, most of the constructions were executed in the style of the Ukrainian Baroque. At present, this is a UNESCO heritage site, which is visited by a huge number of pilgrims and tourists.

River Station, Postal Square

The river station of Kiev is a favorite place for residents and guests of the city, which is located in the historic place Postal Square. From the berths of the Kiev River Station, pleasure boats are guided via various routes along the picturesque Dnipro river.