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The health and safety of our guests and staff are very important for us.

Mandatory disinfection measures were introduced on the territory of the Ukraine Hotel, within the framework of ANTI COVID-19, to protect against viral infections and prevent respiratory diseases. Preventive disinfection is carried out at ongoing basis, which is aimed at preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases among hotel guests and staff. Preventive disinfection is carried out systematically, with the multiplicity regulated by sanitary rules and regulatory documents.

With care for our Guest we:

  1. Daily ozonation of public areas of the hotel and restaurant.
  2. We process all surfaces and places of contact of hands (door handles, elevator buttons, cranes, remotes, telephones) with alcohol-containing disinfectants.
  3. At least every 3 hours we carry out wet cleaning and disinfection of public and service areas using professional detergents and disinfectants.
  4. We air public areas every 60 minutes.
  5. We installed dispensers with a disinfectant solution for processing hands in public areas - reception, lobby, restaurant, conference rooms.
  6. Before check-in and after check-out, guests handle keys with disinfectants.
  7. We carry out ozonation of rooms within 60 minutes before the arrival of guests, during cleaning during the stay and after the departure of guests.
  8. After departure, the room is not used for the next 24 hours.
  9. We made changes to the standards for cleaning the rooms, we carry out the disinfection of rooms before, during and after departure using licensed professional means.
  10. We wash bedding and terry products at a temperature not lower than 75 C
  11. Breakfast is served to guests in the room, service is carried out individually.
  12. Introduced additional control measures for hotel employees - health checks, mandatory use of protective masks and gloves.
  13. Introduced additional security measures during the registration of guests, namely temperature control. If an elevated temperature is detected, the guest is given the opportunity to isolate himself before receiving qualified medical care.
  14. We help control the distance of at least 1.5 (one and a half) meters between hotel guests in the reception area, lobby, restaurant, business center, conference rooms and during events.

The hotel "Ukraine" is safe!

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