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The Grand opening of the Hotel «Ukraine» (former «Moscow») occurred on 28 September 1961.


The first high-rise building in Kiev was built according to the project of the architect's team of architects Dobrovolsky A.V. (head), Priymak BI, Sozansky VA, Miletsky AM, Kosenko A.Ya.; engineers-designers Pechenova OM and Linovich L.E.

The hotel was built in the central part of Kiev and is located on a historical territory, long known as the Ivanovskiy road. The street was laid in the XIX century and first it was called Ivanovskaya, then - Begichevskaya, in honor of General Begichev, who had a huge estate here.


In 1842, the street was named Institutskaya in connection with the Institute of Noble Ladies built here in 1836-1842, which because of its social and architectural significance was an important phenomenon in the life of Kiev. The current name of the structure is the October Palace. In the first half of the 19th century, almost the entire hill on which the Hotel now stands occupied the farmhouse of the architect Beretti, who after his death was divided between heirs and later sold to other people. Street Institutskaya in the second half of the XIX century - at the beginning of the XX century is intensively built up. Land in this part of the city is one of the most expensive in Kiev.

In 1912, this place was the first high-rise building in a one-story Kiev. On his own land, the well-known Kiev construction contractor Lev Borisovich Ginzburg built an 11-storey house, which was immediately named among the residents of Kiev as «Ginzburg's skyscraper.» This apartment house accommodates 94 large apartments and shops on the first floor.

In the depth of the plot there was a 2-storeyed residence of Lev Borisovich himself. The mansion and the «skyscraper» are not preserved. Together with the entire central part of the city, they were destroyed in September 1941 during the Great Patriotic War. In the post-war period, the restoration, or rather the creation began of a new Khreshchatyk.

In accordance with the building project, the street was expanded by almost 100 meters. At the same time, the construction of the street began with multi-storey residential and administrative buildings, among which the construction of the hotel was planned.


So, in 1953 a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was issued, according to which design works for construction on the street were started. Khreshchatyk high-rise hotel. In 1954, construction work began.

Since the opening of the hotel, hundreds of thousands of Kyiv's guests have enjoyed and enjoyed it. Influential politicians, outstanding sportsmen, famous businessmen, actors, cosmonauts, pop stars, diplomats, musicians and artists of Ukraine and foreign countries often stop here. To return to our hotel is a good sign, the more so, that here they are always waiting and meeting guests in Ukrainian, cordially and in European style, exquisitely.

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