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                        Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Congratulations to all lovers with a warm, sensual, gentle and romantic Valentine's Day.

On this special February day, we wish that in your life there would always be a person, who gives happiness, fill your life with picturesque paints and feelings.

05 February 2019

                        Art installations and modern technologies

Art installations and modern technologies

The art of the future: amazing combination of art installations and modern technologies.

Take a trip to the pavilion 13 of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements:


  • Media-art exhibition of objects that react to sounds and movement;
  • VR-installations that lift the veil of another reality;
  • Impressive laser and light shows;
  • Interactive art installations from artists Platform Ostriv.


  • 360 projection from VJ YARKUS - well-known media artist, winner of the LPM Live Mapping Contest 2017 (Nederland), Mapping Tournament 2017 (Mexico), Kyiv Lights Festival Live Mapping Contest 2017;
  • VR-zone: draw in augmented reality or wear glasses to watch the work of media artists (Fri-Sat).


  • Film screenings;
  • Lecture hall from well-known media artists working at the intersection of art and technology (Fri-Sat).


  • Selected electronic music;
  • Tea;
  • Lounge area.

Carbon Media Art Festival - a large-scale experiment. We have united the newest media art practices around us to show the new world of art.

Working hours: Tue-Thu, Sun (16:00 - 23:00), Fri-Sat (16:00 - 1:00).

Monday is a day off.

31 January 2019

                        Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

January 30 in the capital's Palace of Sports will host the long-awaited big concert of the popular American duo Twenty One Pilots.

Tyler and Josh go to the large-scale world Bandito Tour in October with Trench's new album. We invite all guests of the capital to the concert of the owners of 2 Grammy, the authors of more than 30 hits of alternative hip-hop, a group that will give you unforgettable impressions and a lot of pleasure. Hotel "Ukraine" will provide you with an excellent place to stay, just a few minutes drive from the Palace of Sports, and comfortable rooms for rest, after a dynamic concert.

24 January 2019

                        New Year's town

New Year's town

We invite all guests of our city to visit a New Year's town, which has been located on Kontraktova Square.

Everything here is decorated in the style of Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko - from toys on the Christmas tree to art objects and houses.

Fairytale begins with a beautifully decorated funicular. Sagaidachny street has been decorated with unusual illuminations and large 3D-figures. Near to the Sagaidachny’s monument located Residence of St. Nicholas.

In the center of the square stands a 20 meters high Christmas tree. Immediately near the tree, has been installed a huge Ferris wheel, from which is everyone can enjoy the magnificence of the New Year's Square.

10 January 2019

                        Dear guests!

Dear guests!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

In these magical moments, we wish you optimism. We wish your hearts to be filled with the expectation of a fairy tale. We wish you faith that all your cherished dreams will come true when bells chiming, and the New Year will bring to your life joy and success!

Dear friends, we wish you further creative success and new achievements!

29 December 2018

                        The main New Year lights are already lit up Sofia and St. Michael's Squares.

The main New Year lights are already lit up Sofia and St. Michael's Squares.

We invite all guests of our capital to visit the fairy-tale town called “City of Northern Lights”, located in the Sofia Square.

Here you can see main New year tree 25 meters high, a large scene with the National Academic Orchestra, a stylized train of desire “Polar express” around Bogdan Khmelnitsky monument and a fair with fabulous Christmas atmosphere.

On the St. Michael's Square been placed "City of entertainment", where you can ride on ferris wheel 16 meters high.

Sofia and St. Michael's Squares are connected by a glowing "Magic Tunnel".

21 December 2018

                        Museum of miniatures.

Museum of miniatures.

A statue on the nose of a mosquito and a portrait on a cherry bone.

There are only two microminiature museums in the world - in Kiev and in the dwarf mountain principality of Andorra. These works expand the well-established understanding of the boundaries of human capabilities. One of the most well-known exhibits is the smallest operating electric motor in the world - 1/20 mm3, this device is almost 20 times smaller than the poppy seed.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra opens its doors to tourists wishing to visit the Museum of Miniatures. Guests can enjoy the view of the ancient monastery, as well as see the author’s exhibits. There are only two similar museums in the world - one of them is in the kingdom of Andorra, and the second one has been proud of Kiev for many years.

The main exhibits of the museum of miniatures:

  • Rose in the hair. Inside it, along its length, a cavity is drilled and polished to transparency. Then a rose branch 0.05 mm thick is inserted inside.
  • A bas-relief portrait of the world-famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, which master artist Nikolay Syadristy was able to place on a 3x4 mm piece of cherry seed.
  • The smallest book ever existed - an illustrated 12-page Kobzar with poems by a great poet. Pages of the book are sewn with cobwebs, and the binding is made of immortelle petals. The size of the Kobzar is 0.6 mm.
  • “Parallel World” - on the nose of a mosquito made of gold, on a scale of one to one (length 6.5 mm), a girl sits, hiding behind an umbrella.
  • The product "Swallows", made in half poppy seeds. Swallows and chicks are also made of gold. The composition “Poetry” is also golden and is placed in the ear of a regular needle. The arrow and the string is 400 times thinner than a human hair.

  Venue: Museum of Microminiatures, str. Lavra, 9, building 5, the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

22 November 2018

                        Chrysanthemum Ball - Queen of Autumn.

Chrysanthemum Ball - Queen of Autumn.

The annual autumn flower exhibition will open on the territory of the Pechersky Landscape Park "The Singing Field". The traditional chrysanthemum festival will open on October 5, 2018.

This year at the festival, flowers can be seen not only, but also heard. Each song will have music, amplifying the impression of the guests of the Singing Field from what they saw. Designers of 10 district communal enterprises for the maintenance of green spaces will turn chrysanthemums into bright notes that will be embodied in musical genres.

The guests will be surprised not only by the floral masterpieces - in the park there will be organized numerous recreation areas for adults and children, as well as the zone of family leisure. Festive program waiting is visitors , an open-air cinema, a flower fair and seedlings, a handmade alley and souvenirs, thematic photo zones and art installations.

The exhibition will last until October 28. Opening hours: 9:00 to 21:00, without days off.

Address: st. Lavrska, 33 (15 minutes from the metro station Arsenalna).

01 October 2018

                        Hotel «Ukraine» - 57 years!

Hotel «Ukraine» - 57 years!

57 years ago, on September 28, 1961, the grand opening of the Hotel Ukraine was held. The first high-rise building in Kiev was built according to the project of the author's team of architects.

The hotel was built in the central part of Kiev and is located on the historical territory.

In the first half of the 19th century, almost the entire hill on which the Hotel now stands occupied the farmstead of the architect Beretti. In 1912, this place was the first high-rise building in a one-story Kiev. On his own land lot, the famous Kiev construction contractor Lev Borisovich Ginzburg built an 11-storey house, which was immediately named among the residents of Kiev «Ginzburg's skyscraper» This house has 94 large apartments and shops on the first floor. In the depth of the plot there was a 2-storeyed residence of Lev Borisovich himself. The mansion and the «skyscraper» are not preserved. Together with the entire central part of the city, they were destroyed in September 1941 during the Great Patriotic War. In the post-war period, the restoration, or rather the creation of a new Khreshchatyk, began. In accordance with the building project, the street was expanded by almost 100 meters. At the same time, the construction of the street began with multi-storey residential and administrative buildings, among which the construction of the hotel was planned. In 1954, construction work began.

Since the opening, hundreds of thousands of guests have enjoyed the services of the Hotel. Influential politicians, outstanding sportsmen, famous businessmen, actors, cosmonauts, pop stars, diplomats, musicians and artists of Ukraine and foreign countries often stop here. To return to the hotel is a good sign, the more so, that they are always waiting and meeting guests in Ukrainian cordially and in European style.

26 September 2018

                        World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

Thanks to the Englishman Thomas Cook - the man who came up with tourism, for many generations of Europeans, and other inhabitants of the world, in 1841 a fascinating and necessarily comfortable journey began.

Millions of people, whose life was traditionally confined to the walls of the house and several neighboring streets, he discovered the beauty and diversity of the vast world.

September 27, the feast of everyone who has once felt himself a traveler, getting out of everyday fuss on the bank of the river, into the forest, the field or to other places with which our land is so rich! And, of course, it is a holiday of those who are directly engaged in tourism business: employees of travel companies, museum workers, managers and staff of hotel complexes - everyone who professionally provides comfortable and safe rest.

26 September 2018

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