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                        Dinner Show "Hotel Freedom"

Dinner Show "Hotel Freedom"

On June 8th at 8:00 p.m. at the Freedom Event Hall will take place a grand Dinner Show "Hotel Freedom"

"Freedom Hotel" Show is a gala dinner with a theatrical performance featuring musicians and singers, choreographers and dancers, magicians, acrobats, illusionists, jugglers and all this with the accompaniment of Freedom Music Band!

Food, drinks, shows are included in the ticket price!

You can receive an invitation with a discount of 10% in the guest relation on the 1th floor at the reception in the hotel «Ukraine»
Or buy tickets with a discount with the promocode ГОТЕЛЬУКР806 on the website.

08 May 2018

                        TOP-5 of the parks in Kyiv

TOP-5 of the parks in Kyiv

Below you will find a list of the most interesting parks where you can take a walk in the fresh air and connect with the magnificent nature of Kyiv.

As the hotel "Ukraine" has a favorable location, each park will be on walking distance or you can use the transport for your convenience.

1) Mariinsky Park

One of the most popular park in Kiev. It is in it is the famous architectural monument - the Mariinsky Palace, and next to the park are the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. From the viewing platform offers a stunning view of the Dnipro and its left bank.

2) The park «Volodymyr's hill»

The park is located very well for tourists and guests of Kiev, as well as nearby St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, funicular and Andrew's descent. From the slopes and alcoves of the park you can contemplate a magical view of the Dnipro and its surroundings.

3) The Park of Eternal Glory

On the one hand, the park borders on the ramparts of the famous Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, on the other hand - the historical locality of the Lavra and Dnipro Descent Streets. In the center of the park composition is a monument to Eternal Glory at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On the slopes of the park you can arrange a small picnic or simply soak up the sun.

4) Gryshko's Botanical Garden

One of the most beloved places for the inhabitants and guests of the capital. This is facilitated by the unique structure of the garden. According to the plan, the complex should reflect the breadth of nature of Ukraine and Eurasia. Now the territory of the park is decorated with more than 10 thousand plant species. In the spring, the park is enchanted by the flowering of magnolias, lilacs, tulips, and an abundance of the vegetable world of greenhouses.

5) Taras Shevchenko`s Park

This is the smallest square in Kyiv with almost the best infrastructure among the capital's park areas. Among the modern attractions of the park are creative benches, a birdhouse library, an old tram, and a unique mirror kiosk.

04 May 2018

                        The River station in Kyiv restored its walks along the Dnipro river.

The River station in Kyiv restored its walks along the Dnipro river.

The River station is the main river port of Kyiv and is located on the right bank of the Dnipro in Podil, in the historic part of the city.

It opened its quay for Kyiv the inhabitants and the guests of the capital. This is a great alternative to trips on tourist buses or walking tours, because here you can explore Kyiv and its surroundings, going on a romantic and exciting trip on the Dnipro.

19 April 2018

                        Thirty Seconds to Mars in Ukraine

Thirty Seconds to Mars in Ukraine

The concert will be held April 30, 2018 at the Kyiv Palace of Sports. In Ukraine Thirty Seconds to Mars will return after a three-year break. The concert in Kiev will become part of the big European tour to support the new album Walk On Water.

They are rightfully considered one of the brightest groups of the decade. Their music is celebrated by more than 25 professional awards, among which are "Best Rock Band", "Best International Group" and "Best Alternative Group" according to MTV Europe Music Award.

16 April 2018

                        The largest exhibition of tulips "Around the World"

The largest exhibition of tulips "Around the World"

From April 20 to May 27, an exhibition of tulips "Around the World" will take place on the territory of the Park of Singing Field.

The current exposition will impress you not only with unique world-class installations, but also with the magnificent scale of the event!

You are waiting for:

  • Unique installations of 3700 m² of Pechersk Landscape Park will be decorated with incredible and fabulous flower exposition.
  • The longest all-season tumbling slide 70 m of real joy and adrenaline for children and adults. Various thematic exhibitions and festive events: the exhibition of works of "Landscape Design" Eco-fair, Mother's Day, karaoke, and the celebration of the day of Kiev.

There is also an amazing flower fair, a gastronomic area, an open-air cinema, an evening lounge area, various master classes and many more.

It is incredible spring mood, warm smiles, fun, full relaxation and a maximum of pleasant impressions for you and your relatives.

09 April 2018

                        Easter Eggs Festival

Easter Eggs Festival

Easter Eggs Festival will be held in Kyiv from April 5 to April 22, 2018. This year on the Sofia Square will be represented 500 beautiful Easter eggs. There will also be a movie theater in the form of a Easter eggs and a review wheel.

Collect the Easter basket for all those who want to be on the Vladimirsky passage: Easks will cost from 25 to 150 hryvnia. Afterwards, it is possible to consecrate baskets with festive dishes nearby - in the Sofia or St. Michael's cathedrals.

You can ask our guest relation how to get to the festival.

06 April 2018

                        The World Hockey Championship in Division I will take place in Kyiv on April 22-28

The World Hockey Championship in Division I will take place in Kyiv on April 22-28

The world hockey championship of the second echelon is divided into two groups. Group A will play in Kiev, and Group B in the UK (Belfast, April 23-29).

In Group A will compete: Kazakhstan, Hungary, Poland, Austria, South Korea, Ukraine.

Two teams that will take 1 and 2 seats will be eligible to participate in the Top Division of the 2018 World Cup. The team which will be the last will move from group A to group B of the first division of 2018.

29 March 2018

                        Happy March 8!

Happy March 8!

We congratulate lovely, gentle, charming and truly beautiful women from March 8!

We wish fairy-tale mood, dizzying success, favorite hobbies, family stability, vivid impressions, happy smiles and many such magical days as this magnificent women's holiday - March 8th.

Let this spring day smile all around!

07 March 2018

                        Kiev will host the 47th Kyiv International Film Festival «Molodist»

Kiev will host the 47th Kyiv International Film Festival «Molodist»

From May 27 to June 3, 2018, the 47th Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist will be held bringing together all followers of short films of young cinematographers all over the world.

The main program takes place in the «October Palace», a few minutes walk from the «Ukraine» Hotel. Spend your time in center with the best films. Be Your own in the world of cinema!

14 December 2017

                        Final of UEFA Champions League in Kiev!

Final of UEFA Champions League in Kiev!

The final match of the UEFA Champions League will be held on May 26, 2018 at the Kiev stadium NSC «Olympic».

The Arena has the status of the 4th most prestigious category stadium and 70 050 sits into 80 sectors of the places where you will penetrate the football atmosphere of the competition and victory. Hotel Ukraine will be glad to welcome football fans who will visit Ukraine for the Championship.

14 December 2017

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